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Scribus Bug Reporting

New addiction: reading through the thousands of bug-reports on the rigourously precise Scribus bugtracking system.


It is somehow consoling to see those thousands of minor and major problems scroll by. We will be adding our own reports over the coming weeks (see below).

  • Looks like change of name in Paragraph style means as much as deleting that style. Should be prevented or not be the case.
  • Hardly any control over selecting blocks of text in preview mode. Can't figure out why.
  • 'Paste' (text within story editor) is extremely slow; screen can freezes for up to 50 sec. before applying change.
  • Paste from other applications (Mozilla Thunderbird, gedit, Character Map) does not work.
  • After 'replace' has been executed, feedback should be 'Replaced x amount of elements' (not: 'Search Finished')
  • Application of changes through Properties is completely irregular. some changes have effect, some not... some changes trail behind, others are erased... Sometimes styles are overruled by others, sometimes not.
  • Font size, line height etc. are not forced when applied over selected text; it seems especially messy when that selection had different styles/sizes etc. to begin with. When multiple paragraphs are selected, styles are sometimes applied, sometimes not.
  • Feedback in Properties does not reflect the actual formatting of selected text.
  • When a block of text with more than one style applied (or having different sizes, colors etc.) is selected, the dialogue in properties would need to grey out/go blank for those specifications that are mixed. (and not suggest that all selected text has one particular size, color)
  • It is too risky to only be able to check the result on screen (or scanning the text word by word).
  • 'Wordstyles' should be dominant over Paragraph styles and a paragraph style applied- now if f.e. a line return is removed in a paragraph on which a paragraph style applies, 'wordstyles' are removed.
  • Changes applied through story editor seem to be more consistently applied but hard to handle because of visual feedback lacking. Also it is not possible to change line-height from there.
  • When a paragraph style is removed under Menu>Edit>Paragraph styles, it remains available under Properties>Style (Confusing because there is no way to check or correct these styles; they do not exist anymore. Or do they?)
  • 'No styles' produces a different effect every time. It should simply REMOVE ALL STYLES and set text to 'default style'
  • Rendering of underlined text is very poor (line is extremely heavy)
  • When ALL text is selected in a linked text box, ALL text should be selected... Now sometimes the whole text is made active (Copy) and sometimes not; there is no feedback available to find this out.
  • 'UNDO' does often not work; never for text corrections/changes (in Preview nor Story Editor); also not after Select all>Delete; also not after changing specifications in Properties.
  • Line spacing can not be changed per paragraph from Properties>Line Spacing (it changes line spacing in other paragraphs around it too)
  • Outlined texts: not possible to select outline color?