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Workshop Up Pen Down

Up Pen Down – Huppe Plume Tonne is a workshop linking typography and performance. It is a collaboration between OSP and choreographer Adva Zakai, and you are invited to participate!

The workshop will take place Saturday 24^th^ and Sunday 25^th^ of October in the Balsamine theatre, Brussels. On the 25^th^ the doors will be open to the public from 16:00 onwards.

OSP and the students of ÉSAD Grenoble Valence getting ready to draw letterforms.

In Up Pen Down – Huppe Plume Tonne the participants blow up the scale of the movements of both drawing (down) and non-drawing (up). Uprooting both the forms produced and the movements required, the workshop is meant both for performers and designers.


Seymour Papert taught mathematics through drawing instructions children would give to the computer, other children, or in this case—to a drawing robot.


The DIN typeface is specified through drawing instructions: defined by its stroke rather than its contour.

Up pen down – Huppe Plume Tonne takes inspiration from the work of the English mathematician Seymour Papert, who tried to create an embodied understanding of mathematics through his LOGO language. Papert created a language, understood both by humans and computers, that describes drawings not in an absolute cartesian grid, but from the perspective of the person that is drawing. LOGO prefigures similar languages that use drawing instructions to communicate between computers and early drawing devices. Up Pen Down – Huppe Plume Tonne builds on the research effectuated by OSP with the students of the ÉSAD Grenoble Valence in 2012-2013.

For Up Pen Down – Huppe Plume Tonne, OSP collaborates with Adva Zakai, Brussels-based choreographer and performer. Adva’s recent work explores how body and language are perceived through each other. Just as much as the body seems to recede under its textual interpretation, our very understanding of text becomes more embodied.

The first day of the workshop will be Saturday 24^th^ of October from 10:00 to 17:30. Sunday the 25th the workshop starts again at 10:00 also. From 16:00 onwards the doors will be open for the public.


Théâtre la Balsamine
Avenue Félix Marchal 1
1030 Bruxelles

Up Pen Down – Huppe Plume Tonne is part of the Festival des Arts Numériques and made possible by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.