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Reportage : day 2

This foggy fog second day of LGM starts in the run to arrive on time for our talk.

In the middle of the day, Ginger Coons put the fluid into the audience, and his very vigorous talk bring a rare momentum of open and deep discussion at LGM. So just before eating, we have a more clear picture of the gradient of opinions on how to try to push publishing floss farther.

At the type workshop of the mid-day, we follow the steps to install always more fresh Fontmatrix and discover how to theme Fontforge (some OSP manuals to come) with full-of-energy Nicolas Spalinger and Pierre Marchand.

"Les utilisateurs de logiciels libres ne les utilisent pas, ils s'en servent." — Pierre Marchand, LGM 2009, Montréal, in the corridors