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OSP Public Meet #3

The next Osp Public Meet will take place on Monday the 23rd. For this third edition, we will try to precise our exhibitionist experiment of talking internal affairs in public. Here below are the few code lines of the new version.

Thank you Sarah Magnan who was with us the past two weeks!

18h00 ¬ This is an OSP meet. It's a regular meeting, it is not presentations (let's repeat it : normally these meetings are internal). We have all trivia to discuss, but these trivia bring us to discuss things that seems to be more broad and could be interesting. A lot of people ask us what is OSP and how we work, and one day we thought that maybe a way to enter in contact with us is this strange operation of doing an internal stuff in public. It could be frustrating, but we've decided to push it further than the presentations we've done in the two previous public meets. Read the ordre du jour, come, take a seat, don't expect to understand everything, but we hope that some stuff could interest you. The hardcore core! We smoke!
As ordre du jour, keypoints in the agenda, some current jobs such as Danslab, Stuttgart workshop, osp website and server, aether9 publication, OSP summer school, Relais Culture Europe, Spion and Link.

19h30 ¬ React to what you've seen/heard, bring some projects that you want to show us, we present some stuff we want to share with you (and between us), we discuss. Table ronde! And we drink beer, bring some! We continue to smoke!

21h00 ¬ We eat something, bring some food and more to drink. We continue to discuss, but the music -free- begin with some volume. And dance!