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Edit: Norms, formats and supports

5 to 7 March, Bordeaux

We're preparing a journey to Bordeaux, France where OSP will contribute to the conference Edit: Norms, formats and supports with a workshop and a lecture.

editFrom the conference description:

"Signs and pictograms which organize the flow of movement in cities and towns according to graphic “pie charts” and other diagrams, which serve to guide political decisions and economic diagnoses – a multitude of visual norms which are ignored and “invisible” and have been chosen by some unknown person at some arbitrary time – control and direct our daily lives.
Only when new supports appear (on internet in particular) is our attention drawn to this world of norms and codes which generally remain unquestioned. Why?"

Other participants include: Ruedi Baur, Bruno Latour, Edward Tufte, Robin Kinross, Steve Rushton and Norm.

More info at: http://www.rosab.net/edit