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Visual Culture and Médor at Europe Refresh


Once again Les Halles are housing the 2014 edition of «Le salon du financement participatif» called Europe Refresh and it looks like it's going to be a couple of exciting weekends!

This year, to maximize the chances of fully funding the projects, the Salon will be set up for a weekend in Brussels then a weekend in Paris.

We're very happy to be attempting two big projects this year: Visual Culture and Médor.

Visual Culture

is the name we've given to the tool that we're building to share and publish any (design) project with the possibility to see and retrieve any previous version. Its current form is what constitutes OSP website's home page, and it makes up the exploratory system enabling navigation into each repository OSP uses.



is not a dog! It's a trimestrial, Belgian magazine of inquiries and stories, 128 pages long. Médor contains long-term investigations, reports and portraits focused on Belgium. Médor digs the heart of issues. It inquires and it is persistent. It takes the time needed to be further, beyond appearances. It seeks to understand the facts and to give opinions about uncovered truths. Médor launched this week and is planning several methods to get the project fully financed. See the current progress on the website:


See you there?