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  • ASBL Print party outcome

    By Colm

    When you mix travel stories with non profit association elation, within the zero boundary format of a print party, what do you get?


    We came up with a mix of different things we wanted to share and show, and mixed them in with some more down to earth writing extracted …

  • Article III: Goal, social object, field of action

    By Colm

    This is an extract from our association statutes. Links at the end of the page.


    The association OSP has as its main goal to propagate Free and Open Source culture in Brussels and internationally. More specifically, OSP asbl aims to stimulate the social movements of Free Culture and Free Software …

  • OSP ASBL VZW Celebration Print Party

    By Colm

    We are happy to announce an OSP ASBL/VZW* celebration evening and Print Party.


    Back from our yearly travel to the Libre Graphics Meeting, full of Toronto stories, and soon to be tattooed with a VAT number, OSP welcomes you in their transit tavern.
    Join us in cutting, plotting and …

  • HTML sauce cocktail

    By Colm

    We just finished a great workshop week @HEAR Strasbourg on the topic of printing HTML.

    Printing HTML is not a new idea, but in the last few years we've been compiling sets of tools and scripts to properly use HTML as a base for proper layout. This idea has taken …

  • Conférence @ HEAR Strasbourg

    By Colm


    Ramène ta fraise!

    We're currently giving a html2print workshop @HEAR in Strasbourg that we're punctuating with a conference presentation of OSP's work tomorrow evening in the main hall @18:00.

    Come on over, ramène ta fraise!

    Results of the html2print workshop on their way and in construction, for now know …

  • Laidout

    By Colm
    [![laidout-grafik-tools]({filename}/images/uploads/laidout-grafik-tools.png){: .alignnone .size-medium .wp-image-7331 }]({filename}/images/uploads/laidout-grafik-tools.png)
    Tom Lechner ===============================================================================
    Our description of the first encounter we had with Tom would probably be similar tothe one ofany of the two hundred people, sitting in the audience of the Libre Graphics Meeting in …

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