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  • BIS.ArtShaker

    By admin


    Our friend and Dj Athome just recieved a new logotype for his inspiring radioshow. We asked artist ROGER3000 to do calligraphy for. Rough, spontaneous and good style ;) Digitalisation using XSane Image Scanner, and image correction in Gimp.

    BIS-ARTSHAKER is being played by DJ ATHOME aka HOPHEAD and guests every wednesday …

  • DIN - Das Ist Norm - II

    By admin



    "FE-Schrift or fälschungserschwerende Schrift (falsification-hindering script) has been the only typeface used on new vehicle registration plates in Germany since November, 2000. It was designed for the German government in the late 1970s in the light of Red Army Fraction terrorist activities, when it was discovered that with the then …

  • And all he left was letter A...

    By admin

    A little note on Appropriation and Type text.

    Gutemberg printed the first book with movable type in 1455. Maybe copyright wasn't existing at the time, but there was, and there is still, a fight for the first inventor of the printer machine in Europe. Castaldi is alleged to have created …